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Project Hosting is a tool for architect studios, project management and building construction companies working together on complex projects with several co-designers and other partners. On the website the customer of the Project Hosting service can share the project data with the partners involved: the project participants can upload and download plans and other documents, they can manage deadlines and get partner contact information.

Project Hosting records all of the events related to the document management. Document uploads and version changes are easy to follow; you can also control whether your partners have received the necessary documents. The participants of a project receive notifications via e-mail about all relevant project events.


The first version of Project Hosting service was put into operation in 2004 and since then hundreds of participants of more than fifty projects collabortate on the website, more than three thousand documents were uploaded.

Corvinus University, Budapest, new campus The project was managed by three architect studios (A&D Stúdió Kft., Konstruma Mérnöki Iroda Kft., Wing Zrt.) with more than thirty other partners involved.

Premier Outlets Center A shopping center near Budapest opened in 2004 was enlarged in more steps. The desing and construction was controlled on the Project Hosting website.

K3 Office Buildings The plans of the new office building of the Lukács és Vikár Architect Studio Kft. were hosted on Project Hosting website - from the concept sketches to the construction detal drawings.


To get access to the demo site please contact us at info@projecthost.hu.


Kovács András
+36 30 933 3367


For a quick demonstration visit the video tutorials page.

Projects and Participants

The number of projects or partners that you can can manage in our system is unlimited. A partner company employees have access only to those projects to which the partner company is assigned as participant. Participants can download any uploaded documents related to the project, have access to project data, and upload their own documents.

Partners and Users

In our system you can record architect studios, building engineering or building construction companies and other participating organizations as partners. A partner company can have unlimited number of employees, they can log in with their unique user names and passwords on the website.

Uploading Documents

Users can upload plans, images, spreadsheets, text documents etc. by means of a Java applet communicating via FTP, In addition, a common HTML upload form is also available. You can update a document to a newer version at any time while older versions remain always accessible. Users can restore any deleted document, the documents will be physically removed only after the project is closed and archived.

Events and notifications

The system records and makes searchable all of the events related to a project's documents. The participants of a project are informed by e-mail inmediately about the relevant events.